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Gyro Web Technologies is a complete web solution Company, Offering one stop online web solutions. O ur client banks on our team of professionals and has good night sleep where our team keeps performing round the clock to deliver the best.

The unique structure of Gyro Technologies enables us to develop value-based, user friendly, solutions that are deliverable on time and in budget, empowering our cliental to mark his powerful presence in next generation business.

Gyro Web Technologies is a company formed by a group of professionals having 5 yrs experience in Web Designing, Development/ Re-Designing, Site management. We offer high quality website design and database development, ecommerce solutions, corporate branding, hosting and maintenance services to business of all sizes. We design intelligent solutions for businesses that want to have a definitive presence on the internet and offline.

We at Gyro Web Technologies work as a techno-engine. We work as a fully equipped powerful team having various techno-units as Web Designing, Web Programming, System Administration, Content Writing, Quality Testing, Internet Marketing; SEO etc Gyro Technologies with proven track record of over 2 years empowered many Internet Business Units. It proved as a true partner who had assured success to many small sized as well as medium-sized businesses worldwide.


Offshore Outsourcing has proved to be a differentiating factor for companies, offering cost, time and quality advantages. Today, it is common practice to look to distant shores for:

Expertise in latest technology
Rapid deployment
Lowered Costs

Offshore outsourcing is a high-gain - high-risk proposition, powerful and perilous. The elusive key to a successful offshore venture resides in a twelve-letter word - relationship. Offshore development is as much about technical skills and quality as it is about a relationship based on compatibility, trust and mutual respect.


Offshore Development Center consists of a dedicated pool of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client's team. Offshore development center offers the best of both worlds - the benefits of one's own team without the difficulties of managing it. In addition, offshore development centers enables clients to scale up their teams, in terms of numbers or skill sets.

An offshore development center also includes the related benefits of offshore software outsourcing in India ; be it offloading application maintenance, software development, mobile and wireless solutions, product development, help desk operations or numerous other projects, clients are assured of the best among Indian software developers.

Our offshore development center offers

Quality Processes: Quality processes operating at the highest possible software development quality. This ensures minimum error rate and rework.

Infrastructure: Development Center possess the latest infrastructure that are readily available thereby reducing project start time.

Skill Sets: We have a diversified pool of skilled professionals from where clients can select the skill sets they require for their offshore development center.

Better Value For Money: Our competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT budget.

Faster Development Advantage: Use of timezone difference as an advantage to hasten development time. A 24 Hour cycle can be kept going to speed up development time.

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) Perspective: Significant cost saving on infrastructure and manpower costs at offshore vis-a-vis the clients' home country.Also there will be cost and time saving on the long gestation period that will be needed for setting up offshore subsidiary.

Resource Advantage: Ramp up/downsize resource at relative short notice.Resource sharing between projects-leading to optimal resource utilization.Induction and training for identified resources
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